Welcome to my gallery! My drawings are from live models in a studio setting. The medium is charcoal and pastel on paper. Pop them up for pricing info. Please contact me if you wish to purchase a framed or unframed original drawing. Enjoy!


As a young person, until i was age 13, I was very much involved with oil painting, ceramics and sculpture. Music took over at that point and I became more interested in traveling that path. But great fine art never leaves one?s system once it is planted there. In recent years, I had the experience of seeing my godson, Phoenix, develop an incredible natural art skill especially as a draftsman. I was inspired. I used to be like him. What happened? Coincidentally, at the same time, I became aware of Spring Street Studios and the amazing teacher, Minerva Durham. I had always known this was in my neighborhood but it was merely in the corner of my eye. Now my full vision had been restored. So in 2012 I started to go there regularly. At first, I was really rusty, but with the help of Minerva, I rekindled my affinity for figure drawing. What you see on this site is some of the resultant work of these last few years. I really have had no agenda in expressing this art other than to just show up and do it. No expectations. No pressure. Hopefully it stays that way. I have not strategized very much. But if you are interested, I will tell you more.


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